Active Threat Monitoring
for Your Business

The first affordable remote surveillance monitoring solution.

How can AIS help you?

Real-time response when you need it most. Active detection of threats and intruders.

Protect Your Business

Our AI Surveillance (AIS) platform can spot weapons, people concealing their identity, fire, and intruders after-hours, all at a fraction of the cost of a human-only monitoring solution.

Any detected threatening event is handled by one of our monitoring analysts, who immediately contacts your local authorities when the situation calls for it.

@deepscience_ai Our family-owned spirits store isn't in the best area. Having a service that can spot threats in real-time is reassuring.

@LisaW, Newark, NJ

AI Surveillance Monitoring Mask and Gun Detection
(Screenshot: AIS Monitoring)

A New Deterrent

It's well known that surveillance systems are a deterrent against crime, but they don't stop it completely.

Criminals will think twice knowing your business has a service that can spot them immediately.

Having a sign on our door that says the store is actively monitored discourages trouble.

@JackT, Bodega, Queens

AI provides a new kind of deterrent to scare off criminals

Immediate Response

You want the fastest response when it matters most.

Our analysts will be in touch with you and your local authorites immediately when a threatening situation is detected.

I find the mobile alerts useful when I'm on the go. If someone is in my business after-hours I know about it immediately.

@AlexD, Philadelphia

AI Surveillance provides an immediate response using active detection

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